There is great joy in creating such a basic food. 

It is easy and immensely rewarding.

Home baked bread is much healthier than shop bought bread. It contains no preservatives, colourants and other unpronouncable chemicals.

The aroma of freshly baked bread will waft through your home, tempting the taste buds of your family and visitors.



The Bread Baking workshops are held in my spacious, homely kitchen. The maximum number of students is four per class. 

The classes start with a short welcome followed by a discussion of the basics of bread making before it is over to action!

You will receive your recipe and the ingredients you require to make your own dough. This is followed by a demonstration of how to shape/treat the bread of the day using pre-risen dough. It then goes into the oven and bake while you prepare your dough which you will take home for baking in your kitchen.

​The bread of the day then comes out of the oven and you get to taste it with some tea and coffee.  

Please remember to bring a container in which to transport your dough.

Go to THE PROGRAM to see what is on offer and to book your spot.


Cell: 073 811 5500  - call, message or Whatsapp